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phil jackson's Journal

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10th April 2003

9:37pm: Mos Def - Umi Says
Sometimes I get discouraged
I look around and things are so weak
People are so weak
Sometimes I feel like crying
Sometimes my heart gets heavy
Sometimes I just want to leave and fly away (fly fly fly, like a dove)
Sometimes I don't know what to do with myself

3rd April 2003

10:36pm: thoughts
i think i'm starting to become too aloof. people irritate me so much that many times i just want to be by myself... i mean, i like hanging around with people but when you start doing that on a regular basis, it gets old... i just need time by myself because i don't like hanging around with people at all... cause sooner or later, the people that you associate with will start talking trash about you or someone else, either directly or directly... i really don't appreciate that so that's one of the contributing factors to my aloofness?... when you hang around with someone consistently, it gets old... one time a week is enough... but anything more than that just plagues me vehemently... i don't know, i think i'm turning insane because i just want to be by myself.. i don't know, at this moment in my life, everyone just bugs me and i just want to be left alone..

1st April 2003

8:00pm: underground hip hop show on sunday
it was pretty entertaining. i traversed there with danny and josh. we got there at 7, but the bouncers wouldn't let us in until 9. This venue was right across from the staples center. while we were waiting in line, there were homeless people around us asking for money. it was kinda freaky, but yet at the same time it was funny.. there was a buff homeless guy asking this guy for money and giving him a hard time, but the guy wouldn't budge and didn't give the homeless guy any money...
When they finally opened the doors, Josh and me got in because we brought our driver's license but unfortunately danny didn't get admitted brought he only brought his school id. i felt sorry for him because he had to wait in the car for 3 hours while josh and me got to enjoy the show.
okay, a brief synopsis of the show:
the acts that we saw perform:
-people under the stairs - they were pretty tight
-dr oop and his "crew" - never heard any of his material before
-dj icewater (this guy looks just like me.. i wish i was in his position cause then i could have two technics to spin on)
-sage francis - this white guy was extrememly political.. he had huge notecards which exhibited anti-war messages.. he said that we are just sending soldiers to their death cause they're scared out there.. In addition, he was also a pretty tight freestyle lyricist... the crowd got crazy when he freestyled to the "simon says" beat..

the show was pretty crazy... a majority of the people around me were lighting up their pipes, but security escorted them out. josh and me were pretty into the show... i kept on throwing my hands up like a fool... i never realized that almost all the people into underground were skaters and asian people that looked like me... there weren't that many black people at the show besides the people who were performing onstage.
After the show as over i took josh and danny back home.. by the time i got home, it was already past 2..

25th March 2003

6:26pm: today
i basically hung out with josh today.. i installed gta 3 on his computer and when we tried to play it, the graphics came out choppy... so we decided to buy a new video card... we went to fry's, best buy, and circuit city. unfortunately, he didn't have enough money so afterwards i just took him home..

7th March 2003

7:24pm: today
after school today, i decided to kick it with daniel brown. since we were broke and only had about $5 combined, we were went to west co to look for someplace to eat. to no avail, we found no fine dining institutions where we could afford do lunch.
however, daniel and i did have an opportunity to look around at underground clothing there. daniel, being the smooth talked that he is, decided to "test out the waters" and flirted shamelessly with employees at some of the shops there. daniel, with his sweet-talking adroitness provided me with some much needed laughs. i can't believe how fearless this guy is. he is totally unabashed at everything and has immeasurable confidence. needless to say, after daniel's antics, we went to eat at this ranchero/mexican resturant. afterwards, we decided to kick it at danny's buddy josh's house, to see if we could do anything. josh, who is half-chinese and half-mexican and goes to los altos, is a charismatic individual. he is also quite peculiar in ways. while i was at his pad, i met his black girlfriend. What's funny about this is that he met his girlfriend online. that girl lived in arizona, but came to l.a. to stay with josh. now that's quite odd. still, josh is a nice guy. while at his pad, we conversed about stuff. we later decided that we couldn't do anything this week since there were no good underground hip hop shows and josh's car was busted. we stayed at his house for about an hour then i took daniel home.

13th February 2003

11:49pm: new canibus track
I heard this new Canibus track
He effectively articulates methods on how to ignore the acerbic and acrimonious statements made about you by other individuals.
Canibus has some deep words which pertain to everybody's life

It goes:
When you seeing life, you got to do things that sets yourself apart from your peers
You need to identify the qualities that separate you from those around you
After all, isn't that what most people spend their lives trying to accomplish
Wouldn't we all want somebody somewhere later down the line to remember things different about us
Don't you understand, the more you fit in, the less you're noticed
That's how it is
For anyone to walk through life I know this as if they never mattered
Could be a punishment worse than death
And at the same time, that punishment is the only way you could truly be free
Free from the things you want people to remember about you
But also free from the things that you want them to forget
I don't know if that freedom exists for me anymore
And even though i dream about what it would be like, it's just a dream
As time goes on, we will always be loved by some and hated by others
And whether the people who talk bad about you know it or not
They really save you from obscurity every time they mention your name
You see, anytime, anybody ever talks about you, either directly or indirectly
They put a quarter in your immortal meter
They keep you alive
Whether they want to or not
They pratically do the opposite of what they want to do
Which is to forget you

5th October 2002

12:33am: commercial/mainstream garbage
this inexplicable occurence in time signifies the nadir of
the music industry... shoot, all the top underground acts
are now turning commercial (ex: j5, kweli, mos, com, outkast,
dilated, blackalicious, etc.) oh well, people need food.. even if it means selling out... yo, the things people do for money is just appalling... and commercial crap is hilarious like fat hoe, fagulust (this nigga can't even spell his own name correctly), p shitty, ja fool, ky jelly, feminem, etc... and i aint listen to the radio cause its all commercial and fake.. everybody in that game are studio gangster want to bes cause they gay...

just look at this loser... yo, that shows how silly commercial crap is... all they do is brag and dress up as assholes. this nigga tries to look like hannibal... yo, me and felix were making fun of that dumbass...

what a loser. look at that pathetic asshole... yo i ain't like making fun of people but that guy is just a loser and deserves it.. all of those people are commercial ass faggots and fakes. yo, at least krs ripped a new asshole in all these bitches cause they gay and they trying to dupe the sheep who listen to nothing but commercial.

4th October 2002

11:51pm: yo
just watched red dragon with my man felix, and man that movie is nasty and disturbing... how could people think of these things... after viewing that piece of garbage, i just want to throw up. yo that movie was wack... i had to turn away from the movie screen frequently because i didn't want to see those perverse actions... shoot, man, yo, ima stop watching scary movies... this movie was as bad and scary as frailty... ima only watch disney movies from now on.. the nastiest part of this movie was when the killer used glass and stuck it in his victim's eyes...

this movie was garbage and utterly trash..

14th September 2002

11:10am: wow
today was a great day. i went to the animal shelter in pomona and volunteered there... it was fun working with the animals and i also met some nice and interesting people... well, gotta go.

12th August 2002

1:56pm: word
man yo, i've been dling underground hip hop 24/7/365 for the past 5 weeks. Man, i haven't updated this online resource for inputting gay ass comments, but y'all cats should see my complete hip hop album list. y'all niggaz want to see my shit and leech off it.. maybe later i'll post the list and maybe my ftp address... y'all cats know y'all want my shit...!!!
1:54pm: word
man yo, i've been dling underground hip hop 24/7/365 for the past 5 weeks. Man, i haven't updated this online resource for inputting gay ass comments, but y'all cats should see my complete hip hop album list. y'all niggaz want to see my shit and leech off yet, put i'll post the list later and maybe my ftp address... y'all cats know y'all want my shit...!!!

22nd June 2002

10:45pm: minority report
what a wack movie! that movie made less sense than mission impossible.. an eighty year old white man was named Lamar in that movie... that's highly improbable.... in fact, that's wack... how could a white guy be named Lamar.... that's unrealistic yo.... another thing that made that movie mad wack was that tom cruise lost one of his eyeballs in the drain, but later, when his wife went to rescue him, she was holding two eyeballs.... what the hell happened? how the hell did she retrieve the other eyeball? she went into the sewers for it? that didn't make sense.... and how the hell did lamar know that tom cruise was gonna go into room 106... that's wack, cause somehow, he had to know or else he couldn't have hired that fake pedophile...
what a wack movie... it didn't make no sense....
10:40pm: minority report
what a wack movie? that movie made less sense than mission impossible.. an eighty year old white man was named Lamar in that movie... that's highly improbable.... in fact, that's wack... how could a white guy be named Lamar.... that's unrealistic yo.... another thing that made that movie mad wack was that tom cruise lost one of his eyeballs in the drain, but later, when his wife went to rescue him, she was holding two eyeballs.... what the hell happened? how the hell did she retrieve the other eyeball? she went into the sewers for it? that didn't make sense.... and how the hell did lamar know that tom cruise was gonna go into room 106... that's wack, cause somehow, he had to know or else he couldn't have hired that fake pedophile...
what a wack movie... it didn't make no sense....

12th June 2002

9:42pm: yo word up
no doubt yo.... oh schmack yo........ i got the new dj shadow album "Private Press" and word up yo.... it's good.... didn't do nuthing today except go to randy's house to play high heat .... nuthing new happened yo...... i didn't get any new games, but i did get the kings of comedy dvd.... that disc showcases the best stand up comedy acts. it includes segments written by Bernie Mac, DL Hughley, and more......... shoot, that disc is pretty hilarious yo..... b-mac is one funny cat.... his jokes are contrived through meticulous planning which delineates that he is really an intelligent and sagacious individual... and boy is he funny too......
word up yo...............
for the summer i'm taking classes at this piece of garbage school (wilson) and i'm also enrolled in some summer school classes at CS Fullerton.... yo man, i ain't know about my future, but i ain't got nothing to worry about cause God is watching over....
word up yo....

30th May 2002

5:41pm: athletes that look alike
most of this list was taken from espn

-the rock looks like derek jeter
-the rock also looks like freddy garcia
-trent dilfer looks like mark mcgwire
-casey martin (the golfer) looks like matthew perry..... they also have identical personalities, cause they both whiners.... not winners
-tiki barber looks like vince carter
-dan marino looks like david hasselhoff
-glen rice looks like tony gwynn
-brett favre looks like geoff jenkins
-stone cold steve austin and jay buhner of the mariners
-bonzi wells looks like gay-z
-phil jackson looks like colonel sanders (the kfc nigga)
-eddie murphy looks like doug glanville
-foodacris looks like donyell marshall
-danny ferry looks like moby cause they both bald.
-shrek looks like shaq
-sam cassell looks like torry holt
-sam cassell looks like an alien
-tom green looks like luis gonzalez
-busta (without the dreds or the wild hair) looks like antonio davis
-gary payton looks like dmx
-Jason Biggs and Andy Pettitte.
-marvin bernard and derek fisher
-mookie blaylock and air jordan
-jamie foxx looks like steve francis
-steve francis looks like doc dre
-marshall faulk looks like a bigger version of nasir jones aka nasty nas
-mike bibby's pops, henry bibby, looks like dr evil.
-bobby abreu and sammy sosa
-george foreman and derrick coleman
-marion jones and morris peterson
12:03am: shoot, i should be studying for my chinese test tomorrow
i'm gonna post the highlights of my past rhymes....

yo, check it, word up, no doubt, no doubt, yo.........
yo, right now, you appeasing me
stop acting so sleazy
or you'll get killed like you was Chandra Levy
and be on the news all day on t.v.
on the headlines on cbs and nbc
and you're gonna be mentioned all over the country

yo, you more worthless than a chansey
so stop acting so fancy
you pantsy
or you'll get killed like you was john bennet ramsey
and the whole world will get obliterated like a novel written by Tom Clancy

yo, you so obese
that you'll get molested by a 50 year old catholic priest
and you'll be taken in for questioning by the po-lice

yo, you go to baskin robins to buy an ice cream cake
when you come back, you find out that you forgot to buy a smoothie shake
so you piss someone off and get shot by Robert Blake
and be like joan of arc and get burned at the stake
only then, will you realize that you made a mistake...

whooo, those rhymes are hot.... and they all created by me yo.........i'm a poetic maestro/connosieur/artisan......

word up........
check back later yo, cause i got more rhymes than rosebud got hos............ j/k....
yo, but seriously, i really do got some more hot rhymes....

29th May 2002

11:54pm: my prospective job occupations for the future
-nascar driver (i'm gonna go into the annals of fame as the first non-caucasian nascar driver)
-stock broker (flexible hours and plus if you make good investments, you might get the oppurtunity to buy a house in the Bahamas.)
-emcee - i'm an adept/adroit/sagacious/astute emcee. i'm gonna remain strictly underground though. i ain't ever gonna sell out like the xecutioners, xzibit, rass kass, etc. i'm gonna remain true to my roots and create positive music.
-comedian - i'm gonna be the next bill cosby/bernie mack.... i ain't wanna be eddie murphy, chris rock, or richard pryor cause they curse too much... i'm really funny, but daniel is funny cause he watches stand up comedy on bet and comedy central a lot, so he knows a lot of jokes....
man, i got mad jokes to crack yo.....
-computer programmer - the typical asian job.... medium salary, but a stable job..... it won't be so stable anymore in the future because there will be a influx of asians that want to be programmers... so i might not choose this profession... i might reconsider this......

still, these are all goals that i can accomplish in my life....
word up, all these goals are attainable, they ain't impossible for me...

28th May 2002

3:44pm: my new outlook on life
today was a peculiar day. i no longer want to be African American anymore, i just want to be myself. Okay, today i went to best buy with my buddy daniel and we saw three suspicious looking African Americans there at the playstation 2 section. One stuffed four playstation 2 games inside his hoodie. Soon, as we departed from the store premise, we heard a best buy employee yelling nervously at their fellow employees. One of them yelled frantically, "no!! no!!! don't knock on the door!! don't let the manager know!!! no!!!! not yet!!! not until after we've caught him" It was apparent that the best buy employee was in a state of trepidation. Me and my buddy daniel had no idea what was going on until we exited the store into the parking lot. As we were on are way leaving, we found out quickly that we had just witnessed a petty robbery. An african american individual, dressed in a black hoody, had stolen 4 playstation 2 games from the best buy location and a security guard was chasing him down. We saw the petty thief walk gingerly to his car, but as the security guard approached him, he started running. Soon, the security guard was after him and tackled the perpetrator onto the ground while he searched him. that was a bizarre sequence of events. Now i realize that life isn't easy and people who want things have to earn them instead of jacking them. i realize that i should be myself and not somebody i'm not. see, black people face a lot of quandries that i face, so i am changing my prognosis on my current state of mind. i shouldn't be black because black people aren't perfect, there are good black people like Perry, and there are bad black people like that petty thief, just like there are good asians and bad asians (although i think all asians are mean, which is typically true, but then again, there are some kind hearted ones also). i should not emulate anybody anymore, i should just be myself, that is all.

18th May 2002

11:36pm: Endeavors in life
i'm tired of the negative garbage being flaunted and displayed everywhere in media and in life. now, i only listen to postive music and try to avoid all those negative influences in the world. i'm irate and confused right now... shoot... i don't know what i'm going to do in my life.... God has a plan for everyone, so He must have something in store for me, so all i have to do is abide and obey Him..... i'm somber and depressed currently but nevertheless, i'll try to surround myself with positive influences in my life in order get rid of all the negativity in the world... shoot, i've been doing alot of thinking this past year and i don't know..... i guess my life is in shambles.... i don't know how to describe it, it's surreal.... still, even though i feel vexed, i still have peace in my heart... i guess you could say that my life is in a state of ambivalence...
since i'm the weird one in my family, i feel dissapointed at myself.... i mean, compared to my sister, i feel insignificant..... man, she's like more sagacious and intelligent than me in all aspects of life... i feel like a novice right now..... man, she's also a much better human being than me, she has a stronger and better heart than me... i mean, she's living by herself in d.c. right now.... she's barely 20 years old and she's living by herself in d.c..... it takes real courage to do that.... God has been watching over and protecting her..... she knows nobody in d.c. when she went there, yet God has been watching over her for so long.... two months ago, she passed the bar exam and she's graduating from georgetown in law this june... i'm proud of her but i'm dissapointed at myself because i've been indolent the past three years of my life.... No doubt, God has helped me so much during my life, so i know he will provide guidance for me in the future.... although my future looks bleak, i know God will guide me through it with relative ease...

27th April 2002

6:52pm: i've been doing some hardcore rhyming the past few days... i actually got my own personalized rhyme book where i can write my rhymes... word, man... i actually found out that i am an adept rhymer and i could become a great emcee if i put my mind to it...
yo check these rhymes off the top of my head.. i just got outta bed.... these ain't even close to my rhyming potential........ y'all should check out the rhymes in my rhyme book cause they are remarkable... and i ain't acting cocky or fronting cause i'm just confident about my rhyming abilities.

y'all futile attempts to put me down only motivates me
it's a shame all y'all cats do is gossip, cause you have my pity
I'm with the anti-disparagment committee
i roll from city to city
bringing news of forgiveness
cause ain't nuthing more important than that tidbit
all y'all antagnoists do is talk s___
but i won't quit
cause i'm well equipped
in the hour of chaos my rhymes are my black shield
nuthing can harm me cause they're also my force field

every rhyme i spit is carefully construed to my specifications
the only time i'll stop writing rhymes is during my vacation
and even then i'll still keep writing
while violence erupts and people are fighting
God is there to provide lighting
when the future looks bleak and dark
you can always look up at the stars
and know that God is watching over us
and that He'll always be the One we can trust..

Life is a montage
where you can look at it in its final state without fog
and you'll find the truth in yoself and in God
in the annals of time you'll realize that you ain't nuthing
you ain't help mankind with nuthing in yo life so stop fronting
yo whole life is about glorifying yoself
and never providing aid when one needs help
who taught you to be a hedonist
most likely it was a satanist
why do you think there are so many unemployed cats living on the street
they need assistance from cats to get them on they feet
all people do these days is think about theyselves
of their status and their wealth
nobody is superior to anybody in this populace cause God created us equally
So cats need to be more altruistic in order for us to live peacefully

Word up,
6:46pm: just feel like pasting some lyrics
Break a one-niner, its the democratic socialist rhymer
On stage I keep out invaders like the Great Wall of China
My style transcends where the divine starts and man ends
Understand friends, colleagues, comrades, companions
Los campaneros who wreck stone temples like pharaohs
Searchin Americans, La Batista, Ralph Bandalero
The empire builders must construct societies
Thats the difference between my spirit and the man that deceives
The imperial to the masses, imperialistic fashions
Titaniums and plastics, alkalines and acids
From the cradle to the casket fantastic stories are told
Stolen maps are sold leading to hidden cities of gold
Hold your ancient artform sacred, let not the 85(%) forsake it
Hitler's armies saw it in 1945 and tried to take it
Infiltrate it and break it, no substitutes nor replacements
I've got a Stargate leading to other dimensions in my basement
Honesty, energies of the mind are designed to empower spaceships
My crew builds on politial science and international relations
Feed off sunlight when the Earth grows void of vegetation
Attack the U.N. like the Klingons did the United Federation
Fully operational, mobile, global and intercontinental

Being righteous is my career and conflict is just a job risk
No stoppin this when I build rhymes like an Egytptian obalisk
Watch me get down in your Provincetown or populace
Cause my life-rhyme is Prime, posess the matrix like Optimus
Now you'll get framed like a diploma in your spiritual coma
I'ma black Moor like Othello, but I won't die for Desdemona
Older, diamond-studded mic, walk on a stage of solid marble
Leave the flyest MC's startled in peril like Captain Marvel
Are you, aware of the fact that I left mankind devastated?
And they still look for the blueprints
of the monuments that I've created
See the Gods live, don't compare my hard drive to your floppy disk
Chicago to Gotham City, New York to Metropolis
From city streets to Athens, Greece from the pyramids to the Acropolis
My final resting place will be a solid gold sarcophagus
But what I can't understand is how these foolish humans
use the mic to their advantage
And get lost like the City of Atlantis
Your a long way from Kansas, and this is more than just black chrome
You gotta be fresh, yes, and never talk in no wack tone
Cause once I got you in my attack zone
You could click your heels three times like Dorothy
and couldn't get back home
So, drop the mic and save those wack rhymes for later
Cause my battles leave more Broken Arrows than Christian Slater
"May the, force be with you"

When worlds collide and are destroyed by earthquakes and tremors
What I build serves as a culture for generations to remember
From the cold-hearted to the tender, any ethnicity or gender
Slaves to a higher power, you gave freedom when you surrender
Bend your steel low, save that gangster talk for Quentin Tarantino
I gets deeper than those 20,000 Leagues on Captain Nemo's
So, abort the mission or get played out of position
Never let technology overrider this oral tradition
I'ma rather odd man, here to carry out the God's plan
While you try to be larger, I stay camouflaged like Tarzan
I don't rhyme just to cash checks, but to create new aspects
Blacks and Latinos are really, Kemites and Aztecs
Some voices got trouble, some voices got base
The Emperor's got the voice that be all up in your face
Now some MC's drop one single and vanish without a trace
Call me Lord Vader, the baddest black man in outer space
Mechanically rhyme prone, any MC or time zone
Hard rock get broken up into small pieces of limestone
To put it plainly modern forms of psychology can't explain me
There's no man-made religion that can't contain me
See I realized that in the mind is where each man
must build his holy temple

5th April 2002

6:38pm: word
i just realized that industrial/commercial music is just a mechanization and apparatus used to brainwash the youth of america. Especially mainstream/commercial rap. bling bling rap is influencing young African Americans and other ethnicities that the sole purpose of life is to make money, get hoes, use drugs, and ride in fancy cars. That isn't the purpose of life. God never intended life to be of materialism. I understand that these brothers need food, but they are misguiding and misdirecting our youth. This influx of megalomania "dagnabit" has even affected "indie/underground" hip hop. Now, even the much venerated stalwart underground acts of Mos Def and Talib Kweli are "selling out." Now i understand that brothers need food, but they are dismantling the integrity of underground hip hop through their selling out. Kweli has collaborated a joint with a "bling-bling/negative rapper" like DJ Quik. You ever hear Quik's lyrics? He lambastes unfortunate/bums African Americans in his lyrics by calling them "dirty ass niggaz". Mos Def is turning more and more mainstream. Part of this is due to his relationship with Destiny's Child singer Beyonce Knowles. He claims to be fighting for the African cause, but he really is a bigot since his lyrics contradict themselves.
Hip hop is in a wretched state. I have to agree with Q-tip on his hypothesis of hip hip currently. Although Q-tip has also has sold out like those other "bling bling cats" with his lackluster hip hop album release "Amplified," because his hip hop triplet group A Tribe Called Quest was one of the first hip hop groups to utilize the motto of positive hip hop.
With such bling bling/cris spilling artists like ___________, (I won't even name them because they are so pitiful) hip hop is slowly dying and a new musical genre will replace it, because sooner or later, the drones who follow these bling bling cats will soon realize that music isn't all about materialism.
Hip hop is a paradox. All hip hop does is increase violence in the streets and breed hate among rappers. Only certain groups like Tribe and J-live attempt to use their lyrical skill to cease the violence.
Man, word, i'ma stop listening to hip hop, except for some underground hip hop acts such as Dilated Peoples, J-live, Jurassic 5, Quasimoto/Madlib/Yesterday's New Quintet, Kool Keith, cannibal ox, el-p, Del/Deltron3030/Hieroglyphics, Dan the Automator, Pete Rock, De La Soul, blackalcious, gang starr. I'ma start listening to Coltrane and Miles Davis.
Forget it, i'ma stop wasting my time, i'ma go study for the sat iis. word....... peace........... one love yo.......

21st February 2002

10:14pm: survey which proves the fact that i am a faggot

W3rd up dawg. I be da flyest Jesus of them all. Sure, I may sing pop music in a group with a bunch of sissy white boys, but it brings in the bling-bling. And like any good savior, I get all the virgins I want for eternity.

Take the What Jesus Would You Be? Quiz

14th February 2002

10:35pm: chink jokes
this fucking site is fucking chauvinistic.... It is also fucking hilarious............. it tries to be bigoted, but all it does is show the stupidity of the site creator.
Racist Jokes .
This is probably the gayest most asinine shit i have ever read in a while. The "webmaster" says that "chinks" are fucking on welfare when it's the other fucking way around.. How many Chinese people do you know are on welfare? I mean almost all of them work or have some "respectable" job.. I mean, it's mostly white trash like that faggot who are on welfare.... This is fucking gay......... Read these fucking jokes.........

Q: Why can chinks fuck all night?
A: Because they don't have to get up the next morning and go to work!

Q: If you can only afford half a ship to send chinks back to China, what do you do?
A: Send the ship half way and then sink it!

Now that shit is fucking funny because it shows that the author is a fucking dumbshit, white trashed, uneducated, dick rider cracker........

Here is another xenophobic joke about "chinks."
A:Cause no one is tall enough to go on the good rides..

That is a fucking common misconception and stereotype..... Damn, i'm taller than the majoirty of fucking "honkees" and "crackers".... And i'm a fucking chink........ although i wish i was black yo....

Aight, one love yo,
Gotta study for that Great Gatsby test yo....

12th February 2002

7:42pm: Survey

Are you Addicted to the Internet?


Newbie (21% - 40%)
You've started to learn that there is more to the internet than AOL. You've recovered from that email virus that wiped your hard drive and are thinking of getting DSL. You still tend to forward too many jokes and inspirational thoughts via email to your entire address book.

The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at Stvlive.com!

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